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SMART Social Media Marketing provides efficient, cost-effective strategies to engage your audience on social platforms.

Eliminate the stress and headaches that go along with posting social content for your business. Our team uncovers your voice, understands your goals, and provides engaging content that brings your audience to you.


Work with the algorithm and make your content worthy of showing up in your customers feeds.


Quit posting the same photo to each platform. Every channel is different and we know how to cater to each audience.

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SMART goals can’t happen without insights. We are data-driven marketers that use analytics to maximize your content.

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Effective Social Media Marketing is Necessary for Successful businesses

Get out of your Lose/lose situation. IF you stop posting on social, you lose your voice and visibility. You can spend time and energy posting content with no plan or strategy. How long of poor-performing posts before you give up?

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Don’t let your prospective customers wonder if you are in business. Going months between posts is not acceptable.



Do you want to sell products? Increase website traffic? Talk to your fan base? Create a strategy that helps you reach your ultimate goal.

We Love Social Media - and we can share our love and experience with your brand.

What SMART social looks like?

You’ve seen our content before – you just didn’t know it. We provide services for brands throughout Wheeling, Steubenville, St. Clairsville, Moundsville and the Ohio Valley. Take a peak at some of our favorites.

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How Much Should I Pay for Social Media?

There is no right or wrong way to answer this. First you need to establish your SMART goal. Selling a single widget has a different strategy than landing a B2B client. If you are just looking for our prices, you are in luck.

Do You Make All of the Content?

We can and we will. But, your customers love to hear from you. We love to partner with businesses and brands that are willing to collaborate and let us bring the best of their brand to their audience.

What Social Platforms do you specialize in?

We can help with all social platforms, but most of our clients need assistance with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest.

Learn How to Become SMART at Social

Algorithms, trends, and strategies change all too often in the social media world. We read, watch, and listen to the newest strategies so you don’t have to. But we will share our findings.

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Much like your social media account, we are available at all hours. Send us a Direct Message or give us a call. Once we get that notification, we will reach out to help.

Serving the Ohio Valley: Wheeling, West Virginia – Steubenville, Ohio and All Between.