Social Media Plans with your SMART goals in mind

SMART Social does more than just POST

There are plenty of social media agencies that can post content to your feed. SMART Social creates marketing plans that help you engage your audience, increase your digital reach, and replicate results.

Beat the algorithms and reach more users with organic methods.

Boost your social media presence by targeting your ideal audience with ads.

Build your audience and create brand advocates. We engage with your people.

Social Services Customized for You

Social Media Marketing is a bit of a loaded term. We can help with every little piece of it – and we can explain what’s necessary for you.

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Social Media Marketing

We are SMART at SMM (Social Media Marketing).

Laptop with ads on it

Social Media Advertising

Target the right audience and get the best ROI.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Creation is not limited to a blog.

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Influencer Marketing

We know the SMART way to partner with influencers.

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Social Media Consultant

We can coach you up and make you SMART.

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Email Marketing

Sometimes we like to skip algorithms and jump right into the inbox.

End the frustration of not knowing what to post.

If posting on social media seems like a chore, we can help. You know that having your brand on social is necessary in modern marketing. We work directly with you to capture your voice and translate to social platforms.

Social Media Experts that Understand EVERY aspect of social

We use the term social media like every platforms the same. We know they’re not. We have skills to make graphics pop, videos go viral, and posts that stop the scroll.



We follow influencers and we know what works and what doesn’t. Research saves us all wasted effort.



There’s nothing more engaging than a short video on your social channel. Join in the fun.



We have social media platforms that are 100% based on your photography. Let us help you master these channels.



Graphics matter when it comes to social. A good design will get that “like” you desire.



Your wording makes a difference. We help your audience take action on your posts.



Yes, we hop on trends when they happen but you will never be left wondering what to post each month.