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Content Marketing

Content Marketing is not just limited to creating blogs and sending emails. Social Media Marketing is just another form of content marketing. You create content – just in small segments. Maybe we can even call it micro-content marketing.

Anyway you slice it, when you produce original content and post on social – you are a content marketer.

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What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is a popular form of online marketing that involves the creation of video, blogs, and social posts to subliminally advocate for a brand or product.

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Content Marketing has grown in popularity over the years. At one time, most people would assume that content marketing and blogging were the same thing. Although you will still hear people refer to blogging as a generalized term for Content Marketing, it is so much more.


The ease of video and the growing popularity of social networks makes content marketing more valuable than ever. Algorithms on social platforms want to promote engaging posts and authors. Creating fresh, original content helps to cut through the clutter and get your message noticed.


Although anyone can produce new content, it’s not effective content marketing unless you have a plan and objective. More importantly, content marketing is the art of guiding users through the buyers journey and answering their questions throughout every phase. If done correctly, content marketing helps you become an authority and when a user wants to purchase a product – they will choose you!

Different Types of Content Marketing

Content Marketing comes in many formats. Although content marketing is not limited to the computer or digital realm – you will commonly see that content marketing is usually discussed when it comes to internet marketing.


Successful content marketers get the consumer to find them and purchase. Inbound Marketing is a popular term coined by HubSpot. Instead of spending tons of money to promote your message through ads, content marketing (inbound marketing) meets the consumer at the right spot during the buyers journey and gains their trust without the annoying sales approach.


Customers travel through the buyers journey at different paces and use different mediums. The more customized you are with content marketing, the more effective you will be.


Popular Content Marketing formats include:

  • Blogs
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Infographics and Charts
  • Email
  • Lead Magnets, White Papers, and E-Books
  • Case Studies and Testimonials

As time goes by, new formats will emerge and the best content marketers will find out how to get in front of their target customer and answer their questions.


Setting SMART Social Media Goals and Strategies

Eliminate the stress and headaches that go along with posting social content for your business. Our team uncovers your voice, understands your goals, and provides engaging content that brings your audience to you.

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The main reason small business owners and brands struggle with social media is that they treat it like their personal page.

Most people:

A person with a board behind them

Post anything and everything that ever happens to them – hourly (oversharer)


Communicate only when absolutely necessary, posting life’s milestones (hermit)


Post when something comes up – with no major thought or process (mostly everyone)

You probably don’t want to be an annoying business, forgotten business, or inconsistent/uninteresting business.

Social Media Marketing is effective when you strategize, create a plan, and set SMART goals.


ur brand and your audience is important in creating an effective social media strategy. Your strategy will involve the platforms you want to use, content you plan to produce, and who you plan to reach. Your strategy shouldn't be - ``I will post when something comes up``.


How often do you plan to post? Are you creating a content calendar? How are you going to handle user comments? You need to have a plan in place and think out your scenarios. It's a lot easier to navigate the world of social media when you have a guide map.

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Not every piece of content needs to reach thousands and solicit hundreds of ``likes``. When you create a new piece of content, know who you want to reach and the response you would like. Posting a MEME is certainly different than a Flash Sale - so expect different results.