Eric Hersey is your SMART Social Media Marketer - focusing on analytics and beating the algorithms.

Eric analyzes your SMART social media marketing goals.

Although Eric can be outgoing, he prefers to be the introvert that is stuck behind the computer and reviewing charts and spreadsheets.

Eric Hersey

Social Media Origins

If you ask Eric, the moment that Facebook went mainstream was the day he died a little inside. Crazy, right? It does make sense when you hear his story. Eric’s a web designer and learned how to publish on the internet well before it was widely available through social networks. Eric had a blog before microblogging became cool.

Eric is the grumpy old man yelling at the clouds. But he learned to adjust and now he uses social media just like the rest of us…but he still blogs.

Social Media Expertise

Eric’s no slouch when it comes to understanding Social Media and Digital Marketing. Eric is the owner of Eric Hersey Web Design, a digital marketing company that specializes in organic reach.

He started offering organic social media packages through his company and it soon morphed into SMART Social Media Marketing.

Social Media Training

Eric Hersey is a lifelong learner and on the border of a professional student. Professional – because he does social for a living. Student – he spends entirely too much time listening to social media podcasts and watching LinkedIn Learning training videos.

It’s part of Eric’s weekly routine to understand what is happening in the digital space and what trends are helping brands and small businesses growth hack the platforms.

Social Media Skills

Eric can type up a witty status update or go liveĀ – but that’s not his passion. Eric is a self-proclaimed NERD. Okay, not just self-proclaimed…everyone calls him a nerd. Eric would rather check out the insights of your latest post instead of crafting the content.

It’s like a game of chess. Eric battles the social algorithms, working to defeat their queen with his pawn. Yes, you might want to spend some money on social media advertising, but Eric is an organic specialist.